Apartment with Side Sea View

Let yourself fully relax in our luxurious favorable accommodations with lots of facilities and high-level service. We do our best to make you always content, smiling and satisfied.

Classic Double Room apartment is available with 5 single bed. It’s a one-bedroom apartment with a private bathroom and Balcony. For the luckiest few, our apartments has sea view from the balcony, fully integrated prestigious appliances, with Kitchenette.

They are double space apartments and can accommodate up to five people, two in the double bedroom and three in the living room in single beds. Baby beds can be placed if needed. They are on a higher level, first or second floor, with their balconiesĀ  facing towards the sea having a partial sea view depending on the distance from the sea.

Our apartments expansive, exclusive and extraordinary from every vantage point. Amazing sea views with sweeping views of the theodorou island.


One thought on “Apartment with Side Sea View

  1. Freddie Chandler

    Nice room for more than affordable price. Staff were lovely, brilliant location sandy beach. Lovely and clean with a lovely beachfront pool which was a bonus! Would definitely come back. Thank you.

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